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   Born in Detroit, I have been living in the Los Angeles area since 1999. With an education in filmmaking, I learned welding and fabrication techniques while building camera cranes and dollies for the film industry. After years of grease and manual labor, I left the film industry to become a digital artist. 

   That career change helped me develop my skills as a painter, but over a decade later, I was longing to get out from behind the computer and work with my hands creating physical pieces again. So in October of 2013, I moved into my first studio/workshop and began making one of a kind furniture and accessories from reclaimed and salvaged materials. Over the years my practice has gradually shifted allowing me to focus mostly on sculpting and painting.  

   My current work reflects my past experience working with metal and wood, and the blending of organic and inorganic materials to represent hybrid forms of human components. My paintings express similar elements of truncated human figures, while dark and slightly uncomfortable, there is still an inherent beauty and an overall theme of persistence.



phone: 310.529.5536

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