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Give It Up!

I have to admit that when I start a painting with the intention of giving it to someone as a gift, it always seems to have positive effects on the piece itself. It's a very different feeling to think " How can I create something that someone will want to purchase? " Since painting is relatively new to me, I'm approaching it from all angles. I think the bigger question should be " How can I bring value into someones life? " I appreciate that my work has been enjoyed, and I'm grateful to be able to give some of it away.

This painting actually started 10 years ago with a photograph that my girlfriend took of her sister. It represents a challenging time in her sisters life. So as she approaches yet another challenge in her life, and a birthday, we though it would be very appropriate for me to use her image to create her a vibrant piece that will remind her of her strength and resilience. Happy Birthday Dott!

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