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Focus, focus, focus...

I constantly beat myself up for my lack of focus. My business brain just doesn't want to explore one concept, develop it, and continue to grow with it to build a stable business. I think that's why art works so well for me. Some days I bounce from painting, to sculpture, to furniture, and back to painting. Is it possible I'd get more done if I was to focus on one discipline, and see it through until it's completion? Yeah, maybe, but where would the fun of exploring immediate whims and ideas come from?! My latest distraction came in the form of chainsaw carving.

I gained a bunch of great inspiration while visiting El Bosque Tallado, in Argentina. It was an outdoor sculpture park, way up on the side of a mountain. After a large fire had burned a lot of the trees, they sent up chainsaw artist to carve beautifull sculptures into the dead trees. Every year, artist from around the world come to add to the exhibition.

So when I saw some free logs on the side of the road, I couldn't help myself. I clearly have no idea what I'm doing, but that's kind of how I started painting. Of course my new passion gave me a reason to buy some new tools!

Not sure where this is all going to lead to, but I'll just chase the inspiration until my monkey mind jumps to the next tree!

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