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It ain't pretty but...

Finding good slavaged material is a constant challenge. It seems like in Los Angeles everyone knows you’re looking for it, so the price gets inflated to the point where it’s not worth it. So I get excited when friends say they have a pile of wood I can look at.

Unfortunately free material usually comes at the price of a splinters, spiders, and a sore back just to retrieve it, then a whole other level of pain to sort through what’s useable and clean it up. So this pile started as 4" x 6" x 30' Douglas Fir beams from a deck that was torn down years ago. There was no way I could use or transport them that big, so I chopped them down into roughly 10' sections and saved as many as I could.

There was a good bit of dry rot and termite damage, but also some solid pieces that should make some decent outdoor pieces. The plan is to make a nice outdoor table for the person who donated the material to me, as the wood has some sentimental value as well. In the meantime, I’m using them to build a fortress around my studio!

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